Volunteer Opportunities 

Cana Girls Rescue Home welcomes and encourages highly motivated individuals to apply to become volunteers at all levels of our organization. To explore opportunities with us, please select the appropriate heading below and contact us at the addresses provided.


Volunteer Opportunities 

Cana Kitchen Garden

Cana has a garden that is meant to provide the girls with vegetables and some grains. Cana kitchen garden is planted by the girls and its volunteers. However, Cana garden is looking for volunteers and donors to donate irrigational subsistence since the project area is devastated by draught, irrigational subsistence that include water tank, pipes and ploughs shall boost the garden output for the benefit of the girls.

Cana Girl’s Vocational Training

This is a learning institution, destined to provide its girls with second option of survival after life in Cana. The institution is training girls on trade, business and craft causes like tailoring, computer applications, entrepreneurship and secretarial courses. Currently Cana Girls have no structures for the enhancement of the project. However, Cana has constructed some structures that enable the classes to continue.

We are humbly requesting friends and well wishers to assist in equipping the workshop that will help the girls shine their future.

Cana Girls Sponsorship

We receive girls of the age 9 to 12 years, they join school and begin to build their future, some were already in school but since their parent want to get them circumcised and later get them married off, they run away and come to us fro refuge. We take them in and help them accomplish their education and provide a conducive environment for them to live in. We are therefore seeking for well wishers to provide the funds necessary for the girls to go through with their education.

One can help a single girl pay for her school fees and get to buy the necessary items through a gift of U.S. Dollars 480.

Cana Home support Program

We have 59 girls at the centre, they are sheltered and they need basic and health facilities at the center. Since some of the girls run from their home in fear of being mutilated and married to old me, they engaged to some vocational learning at the center and it’s the duty of Cana to provide them with food and other necessities. Our major challenge is how to meet their daily needs. How we are going to sustain the girls at the center.

Our basic requirements at the centre include

  • Beans
  • Maize/Corn
  • Maize Flour
  • Cooking oil
  • Sanitary pads
  • Soaps
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Clothing
  • Potatoes/Rice/all food stuff

You can donate by mailing us for more details.

FGM Sensitization Program

At home we have an FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) sensitization program that involves our volunteers, girls and staff them all participates strongly to educate the community on the effects of girl’s circumcision. The program is held in a quorum orgranized by the local leaders, churches and schools. They also visit villages and pass the message to them. We strongly accept our volunteers to participate in the education of the girls. Our girls are highly working hard to achieve the mission by sensitizing the Anti-FGM to their fellow friends.

Cana Future Development Team (CaFuDe)

Cana requires a set of volunteers who shall be performing dedicated duties for the betterment of the Girls at Cana. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is high in the community and it will require time and hard work to be overcome. It is actually a practice that it has cause great negative impact towards the development of the community. Not all girls at Cana are there as a result of escaping circumcision, 20% are as a result of undergoing various forms of chronic abuse that forced them to seek help at Cana Girls’ Rescue Home.

Volunteers are also needed for the following:

  • Community Sensitization on the effects of Female Genital Mutilation, psychological and physical effects of abuse and general education on the importance of the girl child in our society.
  • Grant/Proposal writing
  • Medical care and support.
  • Provision of medical, hygine and health facilities. We currently have one nurse working full time.