Running of The Home

Participation/Consultation with the children on the running of the home.

The Girls' Involvement

CGRH will uphold the principle of cooperate governance. All the members of this community are important in the home. The children will be encouraged to participate in the running of the home by giving ideas, on how the home should be run. Their ideas will be voiced through the laid down procedures that is, through their head-girl or representative. Their representative will be a member of the Board of Governors.

Upon being admitted to the home, the girls will go through a serious and thorough orientation programme. It is during this time that they will come to know and understand how the home runs and operates. A culture of openness, transparency and accountability will be encouraged and facilitated in the home. The institutional structure allows and enhances consultation at all levels. The girls will also be allowed and encouraged to choose their representatives in all sectors of life in the home, that is, games, meals health education and accommodation.