Home Operations

Precautions & Emergency Procedures 

The children and all the people residing in the home will be trained on fire precautions and emergency procedures. All the staff and the girls will be trained and taught n how to respond in case of a fire, accident or any other emergency that may occur in the institution. This training will be conducted on quarterly basis to enhance the necessary skills to deal with any mishap. Fire fighting equipment and first aid kits will be placed in all the buildings.

The safety of all in the home will be enhanced and taken seriously. The children will therefore be safe and kept away from any hazards or dangers. The management will ensure that all areas of the home are free from any danger to the girls. The management will also ensure that the activities that the children participate in are not risky or do not expose them t risks. For example girls will be discouraged from playing in areas near holes or ditches, naked electricity wires or where there are sharp objects.

The children and home workers will also be trained on first aid procedures. They will also be trained on disaster preparedness and management on case of any emergencies such as fire outbreaks. The home will also have adequate means and ways of escaping when there is a fire outbreak. Adequate arrangements will be made for the detection, control and putting out of fire. The home will also outline means of alerting and evacuating people when there is a fire outbreak or an emergency.


Religous Instructions & Observations 

The home will allow children and workers to follow their religious and denominations. Our home will not discriminate against any child or worker on religious or denominational basis. All will be allowed to attend services and receive teaching from their respective religious/denominations. They will also be allowed to follow other practices in their religions, for example, the wearing of certain clothes and special diets. Above all, the home shall not force the children and workers to follow or participate in religious practices or services that are not theirs.

The patron of this home, who is a well trained clergyman and counselor, will assist in sorting out religious matters. He and an evangelist will be directly responsible for the religious instruction of these girls and workers. The girls and workers will be provided with free Bibles by the home in partnership with the Gideon’s International. The girls will be encouraged t study their Bibles or religious books and pray in the morning and evenings. They will also be encouraged to fellowship with one another.


Guidelines and regulations for the Girls 

A child is given an admission number once accepted in CGRH. Under normal circumstances, children admitted into the Home shall be between 10 to 18 years. All children must be committed or ordered to stay in the Home by the Court of Law.

CGRH being a Christian organization, daily evening devotions must be respected and both Sabbath is mandatory. Duty roster on daily devotions must be respected and both children and staff must participate. Every child in the home and in the society must observe discipline, self respect and obedience. Indiscipline cases such as drug abuse, sexuality, theft, rudeness and use of bad language are prohibited and may lead to serious disciplinary actions.

Reporting of cases should follow the established chain of command: Child – Headgirl – Staff – Manager – Director – Board of Directors. Guidance and counseling will be provided to all children and individuals from time to time. Every child is given opportunity to express himself or herself. No child is allowed to invite or entertain strangers within the institution. Permission must be sort from the caretaker or relevant staff if it is a must to go out of the institution or a visitor to the Home. Visitation request to the Home must be made to management in advance. Also management must approve visitation out of the institution.

Cleanliness and tidiness must be observed and maintained at all times in the dorms, toilets, bathrooms, classrooms, kitchen, utensils, clothes and bodies. Each child must ensure safety of others as they play. Any sickness must be reported to management for action. Arrangements have been made to refer cases to local dispensary and district hospital for treatment. It is mandatory to undertake monthly physical check up including taking weight and height measures. The institution provides a modest balanced diet- breakfast, lunch, supper. All edible foods prepared in the institution must be taken unless certified on medical grounds. Every child is given opportunity to attend school within the area or the public schools in the neighborhood.

Each child is responsible for hi/her academic performance. Each child must attend tuition classes organized by the institution All children are equal and treated equally and without biasness, harassment or intimidation. Children will be assigned chore duties to perform at appropriate times. At sunrise security of the child will be observed and maintained.

It is mandatory for immediate family members/relative/guardian or foster parent t abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. 

Behavior management

The home will try hard to maintain good behavior of its children. The home will put in place a behavior management policy. The policy shall outline measures of control, restraint and discipline. Good behavior by any child shall be rewarded. The child will be given an opportunity to be heard before using any of the measures. Copies of the policy will be given to the children once admitted to the institution, the parents, guardians and the staff. This policy will be reviewed from time to time.

The home will maintain a record book for recording measures used against any child. The record will be entered within twenty four hours of the use of the measure. The record will have the name of the child, details of the behavior that led to the use of the measure and the name of the office/staff who used the measure.