The Home Manager

The Home Manager – Nelly Akiru

Nelly Akiru is a trained social worker who has more than 15 years of experience in social work and community based development work. She has worked with children-based organizations for many years. Being a resident of the target area, Nelly has a lot of experience in social-economic issues affecting this area. She has special interest in the girl-child and the plight of the girl-child in her area of residence.

The Role of the Manager in Supervision, Training and Development of Employees 

The manager ensures that there is at all times a sufficient number of suitably qualified, competent and experienced persons working at the girls rescue home. The manager makes sure that all workers in the home are of integrity and good character. Those who are employed in this home have the necessary qualifications, skills and experience necessary for the work they are to perform. They must be physically and mentally fit for the work they are to perform.

The manager ensures that all permanent appointments are subject to the satisfactory completion of a period of probation. She also provides all employees with a job description outlining their responsibilities. The manager also operate a disciplinary procedure which provide for the suspension of an employee where necessary n the interests of the safety or welfare of children accommodated in the home.

She also ensures that all the employees receive appropriate training, supervision and appraisal and are enabled from time to time to obtain further qualifications appropriate to the work they perform.